How to Get Your Work in an Art Gallery? Practical Tips

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How to get your art into a gallery? You need to prepare the works that you want to display, contact the gallery of your choice and try networking with other artists and collectors who visit it. If you want to see more of our tips on getting your work into an art gallery, keep reading this article – with the knowledge from it, you’ll get artwork displayed and sold in no-time!

How to Get Art into a Gallery: Our List of 5 Advice

So, do you want to learn what will help you get your precious paintings, sculptures, or installations into an art gallery? Perfect! Here are our tips:

Prepare the Works You Want to Feature

If you are aiming at a commercial gallery (read our article on what is an art gallery to learn about the different types), you need to closely consider what you want to display and prepare your works. This is because such galleries earn commissions based on the artworks sold, so they won’t accept every piece of art.

In this case, you should also consider whether your works actually fit into the overall style and plan of the particular art gallery. Most commercial galleries do have a curated program, meaning that, again, not every work will be accepted. You need to be aware of that and select your works that are in line with the program.

Reach Out to the Art Gallery

Your first contact with a gallery doesn’t have to include making an offer. Instead, you can reach out to find out more about the program, thus preparing better works to put on display. It’s also worth visiting the gallery in person – you might get to chat with other artists and employees of the gallery, which will make the negotiations easier. Plus, you’ll see who the target customers are, and make your own opinion on whether they are likely to purchase your artworks.

Avoid Vanity Art Galleries

If we want to truly answer the question of how to get your art into an art gallery, we would say: go to a vanity gallery. Indeed, this is the quickest option. However, it’s not the best one.

Vanity galleries charge for displaying the works rather than for selling them, which means that the whole staff is often much less invested in making successful sales. To add to that, they often don’t have a curated program, which makes the exhibits a big mix-up and discourages visitors. Therefore, although it’s a quick way to get your art on display, don’t feel tempted – in most cases, it’s better to look longer for a commercial art gallery instead.

Build Your Online Presence

Start from your social media and, perhaps, a website. Build your image and showcase your work on these platforms and try to build your recognition and online visibility. This will largely increase the chances of you getting your works into an art gallery.

The thing is that a commercial gallery needs to consider how likely your works are to sell. With a strong online presence, you get a convincing argument in your favor – people know you, and like your art, so your name might attract extra collectors or draw attention to your works.

In this case, it’s also good to start with virtual art galleries first. They are more likely to accept your works, and just a few sales in such an online setting might be the make or break of your negotiations with brick-and-mortar galleries.

how to get your art in a gallery - Nathan Durfree

DREAMING ON THE HIGHWAY - 48" x 48" oil on panel - Nathan Durfee

Use Local Resources to Your Advantage

Many local governments and their arts councils offer programs or information on places where you can display your art. Since this knowledge is there, you should absolutely use it when researching potential art galleries to approach – it will save you a lot of time and you’ll have higher chances of getting your artworks in.

Why Do You Want to Display Your Works in an Art Gallery?

You know how to get your art in a gallery, so now let’s focus on the other side of the coin: why you should absolutely do it. There are a couple of reasons:

  • You will build a professional image.
  • You will build relationships with fellow artists and art industry employees.
  • You will sell your art effortlessly.
  • You will gain recognition.

The Takeaway

So, to sum it up, how to get art into an art gallery? You first should contact the art gallery or even visit it to learn more about the program and make helpful acquaintances. Then, you should prepare your work to ensure that you have higher chances of success. Remember to build your online image, as it will also help you get your art in a gallery, and avoid vanity galleries, as they might prove ineffective in selling your works.

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