we are always looking to meet new artists

apply to rls

although our roster is small and usually full, we are always looking for new artists to invite to group shows.

1. its simple

send an email

We are very casual and friendly with artists. When reviewing your work we are not as interested in your CV as the art you are currently passionate about making. Simply send us an email at rlscharleston@gmail.com introducing yourself with the subject line: APPLYING TO RLS

2. attach a few

recent paintings

Its frustrating when artists send there 6 best paintings from the past 10 years but it does not reflect their current work. We're interested to see what your painting these days.

3. provide a link to

your website and social media

We like to keep up with all of the artists who have applied to the gallery. We usually respond to your email within a few days and often put artists on group show lists for upcoming exhibits.