Investment Art: Unlocking the Potential of Emerging Talents

Investing in art has long been a rewarding endeavor, offering both financial gain and the pleasure of owning beautiful works. While established artists often dominate the market, it's the emerging...


What is Composition in Art?

What is composition in art? It’s the way multiple elements of an artwork are combined. It can be broken down into eight elements: unity, balance,...

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What Is Visual Art?

What are visual arts? These are all the means of artistic expression that use visuals to express emotions and convey meanings. These may include photography,...

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What Is Futurism Art? Definition & History

What is futurism? It’s an art movement that has its roots in Italy, where it emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. The artists...

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Transforming Iconic Balloon Dogs: Diane Davich Craig's Vibrant Artistry on Jeff Koons' Sculptures

In the world of contemporary art, few images are as instantly recognizable as Jeff Koons' iconic Balloon Dog sculptures. These larger-than-life creations, reminiscent of childhood...

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The Everlasting Calm: Succulent Plant Paintings

Here is a painting by Karen Ann Paavola currently available:  In a world that whirls with chaos, finding solace in the serene is essential....

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Why People Collect Landscape Paintings: The Draw of Nature on Canvas

Landscape paintings have captivated art enthusiasts for centuries, offering glimpses into serene vistas, majestic mountains, tranquil lakes, and picturesque countryside scenes. The allure of these...

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What Is Surrealism Art? Definition and Examples

What is Surrealism in art? It’s a movement that has its roots in Dadaism, and although similar in style, it is quite different in terms...

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Celebrating Two Decades of Artistry: Robert Lange Studios in Charleston

Save the date for November 1st - We're going to Celebrate! In the heart of Charleston, nestled within the cobblestone streets and historic charm, lies...

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South Eastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston: Where Nature Meets Art

Every year, nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and art aficionados converge upon the historic city of Charleston for the South Eastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE). This annual event...

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