Investment Art: Unlocking the Potential of Emerging Talents

Investing in art has long been a rewarding endeavor, offering both financial gain and the pleasure of owning beautiful works. While established artists often dominate the market, it's the emerging...


The Harmony of Art and Music: Robert Lange Studios' Grand Piano Invitation

In the heart of Charleston's historic district lies a sanctuary where art and music seamlessly intertwine. Robert Lange Studios, renowned for its exquisite collection of...

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Celebrating Creativity: Jacob Mossbrook Wins Karin Jurick Prize

In the world of art, color has the power to captivate, evoke emotions, and transport viewers to new realms. This year, the prestigious Karin Jurick...

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Captivating Masterpieces Await at Timur Akhriev's Solo Painting Show

Renowned artist Timur Akhriev is set to dazzle art enthusiasts with his latest solo painting exhibition "Nomadica," showcasing an exquisite collection of captivating masterpieces. The...

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The Allure of Red: Exploring the Magnetic Power of Red Paintings

The world of art is a rich tapestry of colors, each conveying a unique emotional and psychological impact on the viewer. Among these hues, red...

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Unveiling the Hidden Gem: A Mini Museum Space Inside Our Gallery we call The Wee Gallery

Step into our gallery, and you'll discover more than just art on the walls. Tucked away discreetly within the expansive confines of our space lies...

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Embracing Sundays: The Benefits of Opening Your Small Business and Art Gallery on Weekends

We've been open on Sundays for 20 years for a number of reasons but mostly because Sundays are when locals get to come in and we...

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Inspiring Creativity: RLSART Gallery Empowers Young Minds with Sketchbooks

In the heart of our community, the RLSART Gallery stands as a beacon of creativity, where art enthusiasts of all ages come together to appreciate...

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Robert Lange: Bridging Hyper Realism and Contemporary Art Through Captivating Wildlife Scenes

In the vast realm of contemporary art, Robert Lange emerges as a visionary artist whose work not only captures the essence of hyper-realism but also...

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How to Frame a Canvas Painting?

How to frame canvas art? You need to stretch the canvas itself, attach it to the stretchers, insert it in the frame, secure it, and...

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