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the gallery

Built in 1840, our 6,000 sq ft warehouse is still sporting original brick walls and ancient wood floors. Willard Hirsch, a famed local sculptor, made the old Robert Henry’s Warehouse building his sculpting studio sometime in the early 1920s and it has been a creative space ever since.

Owners - Robert and Megan Lange

For the past 18 years we have been blessed to represent some of the finest contemporary painters in the country. Yet, beyond their aptitudes and accolades, we are also fortunate to represent some of the most authentic, passionate and caring people we could ever hope for. These artists enhance the world around them through a vocabulary of creative expression.

As artists ourselves, we have set out to create a gallery that welcomes anyone and inspires everyone.

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You can come see Nathan Durfee and Robert Lange as they are creating in their studios. Our third studio space hosts visiting artists from around the world.

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Sketchbook Program

Every child that walks in the door gets a free sketchbook. It's our little way of spreading the seeds of creativity, knowing that a few of them might just blossom into the next great generation of creatives.

interactive exhibits

Throughout the gallery are a bunch of hidden treasures and permanent interactive exhibits. We encourage you to come, create, and leave filled with inspiration.

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OPening Nights

Once a month we kick it up a notch. First Fridays from 5- 8pm.


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