Brett Scheifflee: Captivating the Moon with Brush and Canvas

Posted by Robert Lange on

The moon, with its enigmatic beauty and mysterious allure, has long fascinated artists and dreamers alike. In the world of art, there are those who paint the moon, and then there is Brett Scheifflee, a remarkable artist whose work transcends the ordinary. With a brush in hand and a deep passion for our celestial neighbor, Scheifflee has elevated moon painting to a whole new level, leaving art enthusiasts in awe of his extraordinary talent.


Scheifflee's art not only captures the moon's physical beauty but also its emotional and symbolic significance. His paintings evoke a sense of wonder and contemplation, inviting viewers to ponder the mysteries of the universe. Whether it's a full moon rising majestically over a tranquil landscape or a crescent moon delicately hanging in the night sky, Scheifflee's work has the power to transport us to a quiet moment in time. 


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