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What is the best online art gallery? Well, we must say Robert Lange Studios! But there are many other virtual art galleries worth your time where you can both discover fine art and exhibit your own. In this article, we present to you our list of the best online art galleries, so read on if you are looking for a place to purchase new artwork.

What Is the Best Online Art Gallery? Our 5 Candidates

Take a look at the best online galleries where you can purchase art without leaving the comfort of your home:

Robert Lange Studios

Although we are not exactly an online art gallery, you may browse our collections on our website and purchase your art there. Plus, you may visit our gallery in Charleston to admire the beautiful paintings and sculptures in real life. Here you will find the following artists:

best online art galleries

FEELING MONET - 18" x 24" oil on panel Robert Lange

Degree Art

Established in 2003, this British art gallery offers numerous drawings, paintings, sculptures, and photographs. It is well known for promoting emerging artists, so it is an excellent place if you treat art as an investment, as you can expect a high return on the pieces bought there in the future.

This gallery does not disclose the number of artists that display their works. Therefore, we cannot support our claims that it offers a wide range of choices with numbers. Nevertheless, the pure complexity of the interface on their website should speak volumes about the number of artworks they have available.


It’s difficult to determine whether UGallery is more an e-commerce platform, or a true art gallery, as it bears the traits of both worlds. Nevertheless, considering that it’s curated and offers original, beautiful artwork, we believe that it deserves a place on our list of best online art galleries.

In UGallery, you can see paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photography. You may also work with a particular artist to commission an artwork. The process of approving an artist for this platform is quite thorough, with all their pieces approved (or disapproved) by the curator, which on one hand, establishes quality, but on the other, makes it more difficult for new artists to break through.


Like UGallery, Zatista’s interface resembles more the one of an e-commerce platform. Yet, this is one of the best online art galleries for collectors.

What is especially good about Zatista is the fact that you may send a request to their complimentary art advisor, who will help you select the perfect piece of art for your needs and aesthetic preferences. However, if you’re an artist, you need to be aware of the 45% commission on sales – it’s not the best deal available, so you might want to look for a different gallery to exhibit your art.


The Artsy platform is both one of the best online art galleries and an excellent source of knowledge on famous artists. The curated collection offers a wide array of wonderful artworks, from paintings, through prints and works on paper to photography, sculptures, ceramics, and even…NFTs.

This platform is perfect for collectors since it offers everything you want as a buyer. You can purchase most of the artwork right away, make your own offer, or even bid for certain pieces of art in the dedicated auction section. What is more, you can browse the Artsy gallery search engine to find promising exhibits near you, which is definitely a plus.

Why Purchase Art Online?

You may know where to buy art online, but why should you actually do it? After all, it’s always connected with the risk of your art being damaged during transportation or with you being scammed. But there are actually quite a few reasons why virtual art galleries make sense:

  • It’s convenient – You don’t have to move anywhere to purchase your art.
  • It’s safe – If you buy only from reliable online art galleries, such as the ones from our list, you don’t have to be afraid of fraud.
  • It gives you a wider choice – You can browse numerous galleries with just a few clicks and find the perfect art for your tastes.

The Takeaway

So, what are the 5 best online art galleries? In our opinion: Robert Lange Studios, Degree Art, UGallery, Zatista, and Artsy. All of these offer art from some great artists and can be a reliable source of inspirational works and knowledge on art itself. Therefore, if you wish to purchase paintings, photos, or sculptures online, we recommend contacting one of the abovementioned online galleries.

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