Where to Buy Art? 4 Best Places to Buy Art Online

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Where to buy original art online? Ideally, you should try one of the best online art galleries. However, there are some alternatives, like online marketplaces, which also may serve as a valuable source of art pieces, though not each of them enables you to check and verify whether you are buying the original. If you wish to learn more about purchasing your art online and where to do this, read this article.

Where to Buy Original Art Online? 4 Best Places

So, where exactly can you buy art online? Take a look at our list.

Online Art Galleries

Online art galleries are an excellent place to purchase art online if you want to be sure that it’s original. You can search through numerous catalogs and collections of each gallery and choose a piece that truly fits your taste.

When searching for art galleries, you should consider not only the wide variety of artworks but also some additional factors. For example, every gallery pays a different % of the price to the artists, so it might be best to buy art only from those that offer fair conditions for the creators. Finally, you should consider the artists and forms of art pieces offered in the particular gallery. This way, you will know whether it is worth observing the new arrivals, and you may actually find a reliable source for your new art collection.

What gallery should you buy art at? Well, we recommend our exhibits. Among them, you will find several collections of fine art available for sale, including paintings and sculptures.

where to buy art online

RENEWAL - 8" round oil on canvas - KC Collins

Online Marketplaces

Another possible option is to browse the catalogs of online marketplaces, such as Amazon/art or Etsy. These often contain a much wider range of styles and types of art than galleries, though they come with one critical issue: you won’t be sure whether the work is original.

Such marketplaces are excellent choices if you wish to fill your collection quickly or decorate your home. To add to that, these impose only small fees on the sellers, meaning that artists get more of the money. In the end, this results in the artist being happier and the artwork being less expensive, so it is really worth considering marketplaces.

Online Auction Houses

Online auction houses are yet another place where you can buy fine art on the internet. They allow you to bid for the artworks on sale without the need to leave your house. However, due to their nature, they come with some cons.

Paintings and sculpture auctions will likely be more expensive than those in art galleries. Additionally, online auctions will usually involve mostly the art from established artists, meaning that you might miss out on some hidden gems. However, it’s highly unlikely to see a true masterpiece sold in a different method than an auction, so if you are serious about collecting art, you might treat online auction houses as a valuable experience.

Social Media

Platforms like Instagram often serve a special purpose for artists – they are the place where they can showcase their works. As a result, they often become a marketplace for the said art pieces.

Contacting an artist on, let’s say Instagram, via DMs is always a good choice to buy your art. This way, you engage in the transaction directly with the artist, so you get to know them, you support them with the full sum you pay for their work, and you might negotiate a more friendly price.

However, when buying your art on social media, you should beware the scammers. After all, anybody can upload a bunch of images and claim that the artworks shown on them are theirs; therefore, if you wish to purchase art this way, you should find a method of verifying whether you’re talking with a real artist.

where to buy original art

ADAPT STUDY - 6" x 12' oil on canvas - KC Collins

Remember about Brick-and-Mortar Art Galleries

While you might be tempted to purchase art purely online, you mustn’t forget about physical art galleries. After all, a painting or a sculpture will always look different in real life, so it might be worth visiting your local art exhibitions first.

This is why many galleries, like ours, offer both brick-and-mortar exhibitions and virtual ones. In the end, you can admire the painting in person and then just order it online, mixing both worlds together.

The Takeaway

So, where to buy art online? You may opt for online art galleries, marketplaces, auction houses, or social media. Purchasing art pieces in each of these places has its advantages and downsides, so the choice is yours to make. Nevertheless, we recommend checking our offer – At Robert Lange Studios, we have artworks from several artists that you will surely fall in love with.

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