Why Is Art Important?

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Why is art so important? Firstly, it is a part of our cultural sophistication and identity. To follow up, art is what drives creativity, lets people express themselves and connect with others, but also reflect on our own lives. Finally, art is critical for preserving our culture for future generations, and it can even…enhance our mental health. In this post, we explore the role art plays and explain why, despite the doubts, we need it. We invite you to embark on this journey with us.

Why Is Art so Important?

Nowadays, there are many people who question the role of art. Is it necessary? Is art still…art? These doubts are often brought up, but we cannot agree with them – art is crucial. Why do we believe that art is important to society? Here are our arguments.

1. Art Is a Part of Our Culture

What distinguishes people from other countries? Usually, their language (though it’s not always the case: take Americans vs. Brits) and their culture. And art is a vital component of the latter.

Each culture has its own specific kind of art. It’s what differentiates us. Take, for instance, futurism art – despite it being a single movement, we can distinguish Russian and Italian futurism, which reflects on the unique cultures of both countries. What is more, it can be used to measure the cultural sophistication of a given country, region, or community, as the more multi-layered they are, the more complex their art is.

2. Art Fuels Creativity

Admiring and creating art foster creativity – a trait important both in our everyday and professional lives. Engaging with artistic pieces stimulates our brain, enhancing innovative thinking, looking from a different perspective and cultivating unconventionality.

Just imagine: what would a world look like without creativity? Would you be reading this article? Probably not, because society would be far behind in technological development than it is now. After all, it’s creativity, innovation and thinking outside the box that led innovators to develop the technology that you’re using right now, and without art, there would be fewer such innovators among us.

why is art important

Bear Witness 30" x 40" oil on panel - Robert Lange

3. Art Lets People Express Themselves

Everybody processes emotions differently. Some prefer to talk about their feelings with their close ones; others bottle them up and let go of their emotions when the time is right. Art is also a way to deal with one’s feelings.

For many artists, visual arts, poetry, or even making movies is the only way to express and let go of their emotions. As bystanders, we don’t always understand that – we see their art, we realize the feelings behind them, but we are unaware of the importance it plays for the artist itself. And, for them, art is the only way to truly let their feelings free.

4. Art Lets Us Connect with Other People

Another reason why art is important is that it brings us together, even though we often are unaware of this effect. Just think about it – how many times did you bond with somebody over your favorite songs? How often do you visit art galleries just to spend some quality time with your friends or loved ones? Art is a magnet, a canvas for relationships. It creates opportunities to meet like-minded people and helps build a sense of community.

5. Art Is Crucial for Preserving Our Culture

Think about it – how did we learn about past civilizations? What were the sources that we drew our knowledge from? The answer is: from art.

One of the reasons why art is so important is that it helps us preserve our culture for future generations. It’s a way not only to preserve our customs and traditions but also to show future civilizations how we perceive the world and what emotions accompany us in the 21st century.

6. Art Helps Our Mental Health

In an era when depression and anxiety gain the status of civilization disease, taking proper care of our mental health is a must. Art can help with that, too.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, about 46% of Americans use creative activities, including fine arts such as music or performing, to relieve stress and deal with anxiety. Art therapy is even used to help people with particular mental conditions, like those with dementia or women suffering from postpartum depression.

This proves that we don’t need art only for our culture and creativity but also for our wellbeing.

The Takeaway

We hope that you now understand why art is so important to society. Without art, our lives would be completely different. So, despite what some people might say, we need art in our lives, and we need it to evolve, as that’s a natural creative process that drives us forward and helps us cope with the struggles of everyday life.

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