How to Frame a Canvas Painting?

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How to frame canvas art? You need to stretch the canvas itself, attach it to the stretchers, insert it in the frame, secure it, and place it wherever you like. In this guide, we will go through this process thoroughly, explaining exactly what you need to do at each step. Did we spark your interest? Then, read on!

How to Frame a Canvas Painting Step by Step

You have chosen the artwork that truly resonates with you and transported it home, but you still need to frame it in order to put it on display. But don’t worry – it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Just follow our guidelines below, and you will be able to frame your new canvas art yourself! So, how to do it?

1. Measure the Canvas

First, you need to measure the height and width of your canvas. This will be important when choosing the stretcher bar and the frame.

2. Buy the Frame And the Stretcher Bar

When you know the dimensions of your canvas, you may proceed with purchasing the stretcher bar and the frame. Here, you need to remember that a part of the canvas will actually be folded onto the stretcher bar, which means that the frame needs to be a bit smaller than the original width and height of your painting.

3. Place the Canvas on a Clean Surface

How to frame canvas art if you don’t unfold it first? This is why you need to place your canvas on an even, clean surface before proceeding with the next steps.

Here, you should once again measure the canvas. This is because you want to be 100% sure that it is placed evenly, especially if it was rolled before. Also, you have to remember to clean the surface beforehand, as you will be placing the canvas face down – you wouldn’t like your art piece to get dirty or damaged in the process, right?

4. Fold the Canvas onto the Stretcher

Now, you should fold the canvas onto the stretcher bar, starting from the shorter sides of the painting. You can fix the canvas to the bars in quite a few ways, from special screwless clips to offset clips or even staples.

After doing this on one of the bars, rotate the canvas 180 degrees and repeat on the opposite side.

5. Pull the Longer Sides of the Canvas onto the Stretcher Bars

After folding the smaller sides of the canvas onto the stretcher bars, you need to pull up the longer ones and attach them to the stretcher as well. Here, once again, you can use screwless clips, offset clips, or staples.

6. Fold the Corners

Now, you need to fold the corners of the canvas. For this, start by tucking one of the sides under the other. You should also make sure that they are pulled tightly.

Before you fold the corners, cut their tips, and after you do fold them, attach them to the frame.

7. Place the Canvas in the Frame

Now, you can finally put your canvas in the frame and hang your paint. You should consider the placement carefully – lighting and height can be a make or break of whether your canvas painting will look wonderful.

In some cases, depending on the frame, you might need to attach the hanging hardware yourself. A D-ring, a wire, or a sawtooth should do the trick, just remember to install them on the back of the frame.

You should also equip yourself with a level to ensure that the painting is hanging properly. You don’t want to constantly adjust your artwork later on, don’t you?

how to frame a canvas painting

Greetings Fellow Birds - Nathan Durfee 5.5" x 3.5" oil on vintage Charleston postcard framed behind glass

Selecting the Right Frame

One of the most critical aspects of framing your canvas artwork is selecting the right frame. A good choice will underline the beauty of the painting, while a bad one can make it barely visible. So, what should you focus on?

First of all, on the painting itself. Choose a frame that matches and complements the colors of your artwork. Then, consider the lighting in the room that you are planning to put your painting in, and adjust the color with the final effect in mind. You should also pay attention to the material the frame is made of – select one that matches the general aesthetics of your room.

The Takeaway

How to frame a canvas painting? Let’s sum it up. First, you need to measure the canvas. Then, you have to buy the frame and the stretcher. Finally, you should fold the canvas onto the stretcher and put it into the frame. As you can see, the process isn’t as difficult as it may seem, so you should not have any problems framing your painting at home, especially with our guide at your disposal!

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