What Do You Need to Know About Art Valuation?

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As you explore the diverse collections of art, a natural question arises: how much is this artwork worth? Art valuation can seem like a complex and mysterious process, and for some – it is, but with acquiring more and more knowledge, you can navigate the art market with rising confidence. We've created this guide to equip you with the essential tools to understand art valuation and make informed decisions at any art gallery or studio.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to understand why an artist chose such a price for their artwork, but before you judge – read this article.

Understanding Art Value: Beyond a Price Tag

It's crucial to recognize that an artwork's value isn't that simple – on the contrary, it's rather complex. While the final price tag is certainly a factor, true value encompasses a deeper significance. 

Did you know that there's more than one value?

Market Value

Firstly, we have a market value, which is the estimated price a willing buyer would pay a willing seller in an auction. Researching recent sales of comparable works by the same artist or from similar artistic movements can provide a starting point for understanding market value. At Robert Lange Studios, we can offer valuable insights into the market for the artists we represent.

Intrinsic Value

This part goes beyond monetary value and considers the artwork's artistic merit, historical significance, and cultural impact. An exceptional use of the medium, a unique style, or a rich historical context can all contribute to an artwork's intrinsic value. The curatorial expertise at Robert Lange Studios can help you appreciate the intrinsic value of the pieces they showcase.

Personal Value

Another value lies in the personal connection you forge with the artwork. Does it resonate with your emotions? Does it spark your imagination or complement your existing collection and aesthetic preferences? At Robert Lange Studios, fostering a personal connection between art and collector is paramount.

Puff - 11" x 11" oil on panel - Robert W Stark III

Factors Influencing Art Valuation: Everything You Need to Know

The previous part was about you: how you can value the art you surround yourself with and choose what you want to buy and what you consider a valuable piece of art. This paragraph will turn out to be helpful when you're on the mission of buying art yourself. Why does art cost this much? What are the factors influencing its price? Let's dive in a little deeper, shall we?

Several factors influence an artwork's market value:

The Artist

Established artists with a proven track record and a strong market presence will generally sell for higher prices. Emerging artists, while offering exciting potential, may have lower valuations at the beginning of their careers. You can also purchase art that was created by renowned artists a long time ago; in such cases, the price will be higher.

We invite you to read a little bit more about investment art

Medium and Condition

The type of medium used and the artwork's overall condition (presence of damage, restoration history) can significantly impact value. Pieces in pristine condition are generally valued higher. The artworks we offer at Robert Lange Studios are always new and well-preserved.


The documented history of ownership of an artwork can enhance its value. Provenance that includes renowned collectors, prestigious institutions, or exhibitions can add credibility and desirability.


Limited edition prints, unique sculptures, or works from a small series can be more valuable due to their rarity. The availability of similar pieces in the market plays a significant role here. Our artists' artworks, for example, are absolutely unique – there is no other like the one you're buying.

Navigating Art Valuation. How to Talk to Artists And Art Galleries?

Now that you've acquired this vital knowledge, let's discuss how you can utilize it at Robert Lange Studios or other galleries of your choice. Here are some tips from professionals!

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