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#1. Currently, I am rediscovering the power of the “Artistic License.” Over the years as I have attempted to hone the technical skills involved with oil painting I feel I may have drifted some from what truly inspired me towards the quest for technical and compositional perfection. Lately I am enjoying taking  liberties with my compositions. Perhaps approaching the surreal aspects that originally attracted me to painting. 
#2.   Being involved in group shows with a theme is always interesting and fulfilling. A theme points me in a direction I may not have taken on my own. I paint very slowly and am not what one would call prolific. For this reason I rarely have solo or two man shows. Joining Matthew on a two man show is intriguing and exciting. I have always greatly admired his work. Aside from his flawless execution, intriguing themes, and masterful use of color, he coveys a poignant yet beautifully sweet sense of solitude in his work. Working with him on this show has allowed me to explore the solitary nature of my own work. And I like it. Finally, in any kind of group show, many or two man, there is a responsibility to the other artists to put one’s “best foot forward.” While the pressure can be daunting it also encourages one to dig down and hopefully discover new possibilities and directions. 
#3   “Arthur and Gail”   As a child my favorite book was “Arthur and The Artichoke.” A heartwarming story of a lonely young man and his friendship with an artichoke. Since then I have always had a fondness for artichokes. Though I feel they are the most frustrating meal. My father always had a penchant for naming random objects or animals: i.e. Larry Lobster, Skylar Skunk, …etc. I find people who are obsessed with violet/purple are usually a bit eccentric. Perhaps as the sun moves across the sky Gail The Snail will acquire Arthur’s shade. 
#4.  My wife, Ariel, and I recently moved to a farm on John’s Island South Carolina. We are originally from New England. This new less hectic atmosphere has given me more time to paint and more opportunity to be outside. It has allowed me to perhaps explore the light hearted aspect of my work. The new art community, specifically the encouragement I have received The Robert Lang Studio, has also emboldened me to expand my creativity. 

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