January Show Megan Aline

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“Whispering Leaves”

Silhouette Landscape Paintings from Megan Aline

On view: Jan. 5 - 26

No Opening Reception: Seen Daily 11-5

This series features feminine silhouettes reminiscent of 19th-century cameos, but instead of black silhouettes, the profiles are filled with serene, wooded scenes that convey otherworldly beauty.

Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, “Whispering Leaves,” features works by nontraditional landscape painter Megan Aline, who paints landscapes within the silhouette of a figure. Her “inner-landscapes” as she calls them, are one part landscape and one part figurative. The artist invites art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring world of her latest exhibition, which can be viewed daily at the 2 Queen Street gallery through January.

As for the title of the show, “Whispering Leaves,” Aline says, “As I explore this idea of nature living within each of us, I find there is a quiet voice that accompanies these wooded places. This whispering voice calls to the viewer to look within.”

For this show, Aline has not only used her childhood imagination but also drawn inspiration from the women she references as models. “I look for women who naturally hold themselves with reverence. Even though you don’t see their faces, just their jawline and posturing tell you who they are.”

As for Aline’s motivations for painting, she says, “There is a part inside all of us that is silently connected to the natural world. This interconnection, we often ignore in lieu of modern escapism but when truly immersed in nature I think everyone feels a sense of peace and calm.” 

This desire for reconnection can be seen in the piece titled, “Lessons in the Leaves,” where a blue and grey forest fills a female figure.  Aline says of this 24 by 48-inch acrylic on panel painting, “I wanted to paint a piece where the figure was directly engaging the viewer. She’s looking right at you, reminding you that within each of us is a hidden world.  Overall the paintings are both inspiring viewers to look outward into the natural world but also to feel and reflect on what is within.”    

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