Breaking Boundaries: Joshua Flint and Megan Aline Redefine Art in John Seed's 'More Disruption'

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Two of our artist have been included in the new book "More Disruption" by art critic and author John Seed.


In the ever-evolving world of art, where innovation and boundary-pushing creativity are celebrated, two visionary artists, Joshua Flint and Megan Aline, have caught the attention of renowned art writer John Seed. Their extraordinary paintings are now prominently featured in Seed's groundbreaking new book, "More Disruption." This collection showcases artists who are challenging and reshaping traditional norms in the art world.

A Fresh Perspective:

Joshua Flint, known for his mesmerizing memory-scapes that seamlessly blend reality and imagination, brings a fresh perspective to the canvas. His work transcends the conventional boundaries of representational art, inviting viewers to explore the intricate layers of his mind. Flint's paintings provoke thought and emotion, capturing the essence of a world that exists between the tangible and the fantastical.

Megan Aline, on the other hand, is recognized for her bold and expressive realistic inner-landscape art. Her use of the female form filled with dynamic brushstrokes creating canopies of color, creates a visual language that speaks directly to the soul. Aline's work challenges viewers to break free from traditional interpretations and embrace the visceral experience of art. Her pieces ask the viewer to look within themselves for a connection with nature, conveying emotions and stories beyond the limitations of realism.

Seed's Recognition:

John Seed, a respected art critic with a keen eye for emerging talent, has curated a selection of artists who embody the spirit of disruption in the art world. In "More Disruption," Seed delves into the stories behind the artists and their works, exploring how they challenge established norms, provoke thought, and ignite conversation. This is the second book in what we hope is an ongoing series.

Flint and Aline's inclusion in Seed's book is a testament to their ability to transcend conventional boundaries and make a significant impact on the art scene. Seed recognizes the importance of their contributions in pushing the envelope and inspiring a new generation of artists to embrace innovation.

The Intersection of Tradition and Disruption:

While "More Disruption" celebrates the avant-garde, it also highlights the delicate balance between tradition and disruption. Flint and Aline's paintings, though pushing the boundaries of conventional art, still maintain a connection to the rich history of artistic expression. Their works invite viewers to appreciate the evolution of art while acknowledging the foundations upon which it stands.


In the pages of "More Disruption," Joshua Flint and Megan Aline stand as beacons of creativity, challenging preconceived notions and reshaping the narrative of contemporary art. John Seed's insightful exploration of their contributions reaffirms the importance of embracing disruption as a catalyst for growth and evolution in the art world. As we immerse ourselves in the vibrant strokes and imaginative landscapes of Flint and the quite silhouettes of Aline, we are reminded that the true essence of art lies in its ability to provoke, inspire, and transcend the boundaries of the expected.

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