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Renowned painter Adam Hall is set to unveil his latest collection, "Sacred Hour," featuring 14 new paintings. The exhibition will open on September 6th from 5-8 PM. This body of work marks a significant evolution in Hall's artistic journey, blending his deep connection to nature with contemporary elements and symbolic storytelling.

Hall explains when asked about the title,“‘Sacred Hour' emerged from a recent conversation about the illusion of time and our attempts to grasp it. It is often challenging to be present and fully absorb a moment amid constant distractions. A mentor of mine once told me that the older you get, the more sacred time feels, and your perception of time shifts. It’s true that becoming a parent accelerates this feeling, making time seem like it’s in warp speed. Recently, I saw a meme with an image of the kids from the movie 'The Sandlot' playing on a baseball field. It read, ‘At some point in your childhood, you and your friends went outside to play together for the last time, and nobody knew it.’ There are so many moments that were 'our last' from a particular season in time, and it’s fun to reflect on those or bask in the nostalgia. These new paintings include hints of nostalgia and symbolism that directly link to my personal relationship with the fleeting nature of time.”

“As an artist, adding narrative elements or symbolism to my work is more attractive than it's ever been,” Hall shares. “While I love exploring landscape painting, there are too many ideas filling my head that can only be achieved by expanding my work down this new path. Incorporating more contemporary elements into my work feels exciting and allows for a wider spectrum of storytelling to unfold.”

In one such narrative piece titled “Safety Ladder” a large 30” x 40” oil painting, the viewer finds a bright green diving board with just to top of a ladder next to it. The foreground elements contrast the vast tumultuous ocean beyond. 

Nature remains a profound source of inspiration for Hall. “Nature has this incredible, almost restorative function in how it affects my mental state. Sometimes I think that immersing ourselves in nature taps into some genetic memory from our ancestors. Whether I’m out hiking or in the ocean, it feels like a digital detox. I’m not looking at my phone or thinking about business; instead, I’m dialed into my surroundings. There is another aspect of being in nature that reminds me of my childhood, which grounds and refreshes me. Exploring the landscape always yields a return of inspiration that overflows into my art practice.”

Hall reflects on his creative process, saying, “Rick Rubin once said in an interview that ‘a big part of an artist's success is having great discernment,’ and I really believe that’s true. I’ve thought a lot recently about how my past as a designer is constantly infused into my painting process. All of my years of curating designs and building a strong sense of composition spill over into how I choose what to paint. Even the palette I choose is influenced by my years in graphic design. The state of my studio sometimes feels like a scene from a crime movie, with all these images and post-it notes stuck on the wall. Having visual ideas and inspiration around is crucial for my process. Sometimes that inspiration comes from experiencing live music or just playing in the backyard with my three kids.”

He continues, “On the technical side, my process has changed a lot with the addition of new surfaces like copper panels and tools like screen-printing squeegees. Adding new, unfamiliar tools to my studio helps me think outside the box and avoid becoming too comfortable.”

“Adam Hall’s latest collection masterfully bridges the timeless beauty of nature with fresh, contemporary elements. His ability to infuse traditional landscapes with modern symbolism and narrative depth offers viewers a unique and captivating experience. Each piece invites us to not only appreciate the natural world but also to reflect on our own fleeting moments within it,” said gallery owner Robert Lange when asked about this new body of work.

 Adam Hall's "Sacred Hour" promises to be a thought-provoking exhibition that invites viewers to reflect on the ephemeral nature of time and the profound beauty of the natural world. Join us on September 6th to experience this captivating new collection.

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