Dark 09 | Dec

Dark painting deserves a dark frame for those dark hearts of darkness in darkrooms with Donnie Darko.


If This Painting Has Dried Enough… 07 | Dec

…I will paint the final center swatch of marsh grass in today. -jb.

In progress 07 | Dec

New Painting 06 | Dec

Just finished this new one. “Relocate” 4×4 on panel Megan Aline

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Honeymooning in western Virginia… 02 | Dec

…I got to walk through some amazing spaces with the woman I love. And by this point, I barely have to say anything when I slam on the brakes, pull off the road, and go trapping through some underbrush to take a picture like the first one below. Thanks for being an understanding and patient partner my love!

On my easel 26 | Nov

Celestial Roses

30 x 40 – Oil – Silver – Aluminum Panel

A little in progress studio shot. Lots of wispy hair to paint yet.

– June

My first cityscape 22 | Nov

This is my painting for the “Attention to Details” show in 2017.


I’m going to be dreaming in tiny squares for the remainder of 2016 after
painting this…


Rocks 16 | Nov

I’m painting over 80 of them in this new work and I’m sure glad it is about
over, although I’m patient, like anybody I get a little bored doing the
same thing over and over. So far as I can tell, these are on Folly due to
erosion issues, though I really don’t know, I’d love to hear the story from
a local! Now to add some more detail/textures…

Video Link 14 | Nov


While You Were Sleeping 14 | Nov

While You Were Sleeping –
Adam Hall
from Matthew
on Vimeo.

It’s video releae day. An amazing project I had the privilege of being
apart has reached completion and I hope everyone enjoys this little glimpse
into my world as an artist. Special thanks to RLS who’ve always had faith
in me as a creative human being.


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