From Where I Sit 18 | Oct

It’s a great day at Robert Lange Studios!

– Laura

TWELVE 15 | Oct

Last night we celebrated 12 years of running a gallery in Charleston. The town was electric and a good time was had by all. Thank you everyone, for allowing this dream to flourish.

+ robert +

all it needs 13 | Oct

If i had a nickel for every-time I thought to myself “All this painting needs is a miniature koala.”

+ robert +

A View Of My Palette… 12 | Oct

…and of the fern painting in progress. Only the lower right corner remains to be painted in this second layer of paint, but with my camera’s short depth of field, it looks almost complete!

don’t be afraid, dear 12 | Oct

I typically don’t paint animals.  So when the challenge came for the Vendue’s group show, Lions and Tigers and Bears, I was a little stumped.  What evolved from a little brainstorming was a timely take off on the Grimm fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood and features the Big Bad Wolf.
don’t be afraid, dear.18×14″oil on 3 acrylic panels

TWELVE! 12 | Oct

“Joy Full Throughout” is a 12″ high by 12″ wide by 12″ deep by 12-panel painting that’s complete for the TWELVE group show!I played with the opacity of the layers to allow you to look through this perpendicular painting.  It’s tough to capture the depth with one shot, so here are a few photos from different angles.  Enjoy!

Lost at sea 04 | Oct

A Tangled cry for help.


TWELVE!!! 04 | Oct

In honor of RLS’s anniversary and the TWELVE group show, I developed this perpendicular painting that’s 12″w x 12″h x 12″d x 12 panels!


“joy full throughout”



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Mixin’ It Up 03 | Oct

Watching RLS artist JB Boyd mix colors is like watching magic…


Stuffed 29 | Sep

Sometimes you feel like you just ate a whole pig!



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